Remove Corns and Calluses

Are you aware that when you remove corns, you may actually end up worse off than before?

Myth? Not really. The fact is those calluses that grow on you are your body's method of protecting itself from harm. It protects the body against the constant pressure or friction applied to one specific area at one time.

The name corn, though funny-sounding, is a condition that does not exactly induce hilarity. These corns normally grow on feet and they can be extremely painful. So much so that the prevention and treatment of them has become a thriving business. Doctors can be consulted in how to treat or remove corns.

There are, however, tried-and-tested treatments that can be done.

Wearing comfortable shoes is essential. Whether you already have corns or want to prevent having them, it is important to wear the right shoes. Corns are mostly brought about by too tight or too high shoes that graze your feet continuously.

You may also want to keep in mind that a corns and calluses of products are available in the stores that can provide you with temporary relief, such as softening lotions and moisturizers. Regular and proper application on the affected area will help relieve the discomfort.

You can wear toe pads to protect your already corned feet from further damage or pain, or prevent you from having them in the first place.

Another effective alternative is to give you feet a good long soak in a basin full of warm water with a cupful of apple cider vinegar. Then do some gentle scrubbing using a pumice stone to rid your feet of all that dead skin. Better than trying to remove corns yourself, right?

Whatever you do, do not attempt to do surgery on yourself by trying to remove corns. It is not only difficult but it is sure to leave you in a lot more pain than you were in the first place.